About Me


I have always been fascinated with how and why people behave the way they do. I have spent several years determining how listening to others can be helpful to their mental health. It is my belief that everyone has a story to tell. Feeling listened to is a basic need at its core. During my internship in my first master's degree (Forensic Psychology), I learned how juveniles in a detention center wanted to feel heard and not be judged for their actions. After reviewing a pattern of habitual drug use, I noticed how much I wanted to offer my assistance to providing better mental health.

The end of my first internship led me to a journey of introspection as I embarked upon the beginning of my career as a mental health counselor. I knew quickly into the beginning of the program that I wanted to work with juveniles. I spent my practicum and internship at the Phoenix House of the Mid-Atlantic where I could hone my skills of active listening and providing clarity fow clients who wanted to know that their issues mattered. I provided individual, group, and family therapy for these clients. Though a majority of my clients from my internship were youths, I see clients from ages 12 - 18, adults, and elderly individuals. I graduated from Marymount University in 2016 with a Master of Arts degree in Counseling.

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