Services Available

As a pre-licensed mental health counselor in my residency, I am unable to take insurance. However, I will work with you financially to provide the care you need because money should never be the reason you do not receive the best care you deserve. If financial strain is problematic, clients can apply for a lifetime membership at Open Path Collective and afterward discuss with me an agreed upon rate per session. For my clients, I provide individual, group, and family therapy at affordable rates. I am able to accept major credit cards, cash, and checks.


For 75 minutes, we will learn what brings you to counseling as well as my performing an assessment to determine the correct course of action. Additionally, I will create a treatment plan suited for you. The treatment plan will include our goals for your sessions. Within these goals are specific objectives that will assist the treatment. The intake fee is $105.

Individual Counseling

I offer one-on-one sessions with clients in a soothing environment where we discuss together how your daily life is being affected by relationships, certain routines, substance use/addiction, anxiety, and depression, etc. During our sessions, we will discuss the treatment plan and adjust according, if needed. Individual sessions cost $85 per session.

Group Counseling

Group sessions allow clients to learn from each other how their lives are challenged and which solutions have helped or hindered them. Clients will take their turn in group and learn new skills via a structured course. Development of self-awareness will occur naturally as clients share their experiences with one another. The group therapy rate is $60 per session.

Family Counseling

It can be difficult for individuals to feel heard and appreciated. These sessions exemplify the importance of the family as one unit. Each member of the family will learn how to function in a healthy manner by respecting each other. Family therapy sessions are $100 per session.